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San Juan mayor grades Trump's performance - CNN Video


San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz slams President Trump's relief efforts in Puerto Rico, saying the administration has been unresponsive and slow.

Diwali: The festival of lights

Al Jazeera English

Diwali, a national holiday in India, is also celebrated by a number of other countries around the world.

Bush: Politics 'degraded by casual cruelty' - CNN Video


Former President George W. Bush speaks at the Bush Institute on the current political climate in the US.

Sarah Sanders just made an absolutely outrageous argument about the media


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said something during her daily press briefing Friday that actually took my breath away.

Bush, Obama blasts will be water off Trump's back


The Presidents club is turning on its newest member.

Home battery makers get a boost after Hurricane Maria


Makers of home batteries have ramped up manufacturing in response to the humanitarian disaster, according to the CEO of Houston, Texas-based Sunnova.

Billionaire CEO of fizzy-water maker LaCroix lashes out over stock in bizarre press release


Nick Caporella, the CEO of National Beverage Corp., is complaining about speculators in his stock.

29 Pop Stars Only Millennials Know Existed


The only "millennials ruined" list you need to read, IMO.

White House: It's 'highly inappropriate' to question the accuracy of John Kelly's claims about Florida Democrat


The assertion, by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, sent shockwaves through the White House briefing room.

Somalia's death toll now at 358 as 'state of war' planned

Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Thousands of anguished Somalis gathered to pray Friday at the site of the country's deadliest attack, while the toll rose to 358 and dozens remained missing. Somalia's president will announce a "state of war" against the al-Shabab extremist group blamed for the bombing, the prime minister said. The United States is expected to play a supporting role in the new offensive that President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is set to launch on Saturday, a Somali military official told The Associ

Apps and gadgets for the 'Blade Runner' future we didn’t ask for


Here’s how to get by in our 'Blade Runner' dystopia

23 Stylish Pairs Of Shoes You Can Get At Nordstrom For Under $50


Now you can be the little old lady who lived in her shoes, except you didn't have to break the bank buying them... so really, you're the little old lady who lived in her shoes, but also had

Devastation in Raqqa raises questions about cost of victory

Associated Press

BEIRUT (AP) — Kurdish-led forces on Friday declared victory over the Islamic State group in Raqqa, the former "capital" of its self-proclaimed caliphate where militants had terrorized the population for four years — setting up a climactic last stand for the extremists in the last vestiges of territory they control. But the spectacular devastation of the depopulated city raised questions about the cost of victory against a fanatical opponent and laid bare the difficulties of rebuilding areas where the jihadi

TV Academy to consider expelling Harvey Weinstein

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Television Academy has voted to begin disciplinary proceedings against disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein. The academy, which bestows the Emmy awards, said a hearing has been set for November to consider "action up to and including termination of academy membership." Weinstein, who recently has been accused of multiple acts of sexual harassment and assault spanning decades, has been fired from The Weinstein Co., a TV and movie film production company he co-founded with his brother

This $14.7 Million Atlanta Home With Bunker Said to Be 'Safest in America'


Have trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps the anti-ballistic bedroom doors, 15,000-square-foot bunker, and off-grid water and power access at this Atlanta home will make you feel a little more secure.

This Guy Led People On A Wild Goose Chase To Find A College Student Who Probably Doesn't Exist


The guy who sparked the "Taiwan Jones" madness would not tell BuzzFeed News whether his story was "fact or fiction."